AT&T Customers Can No Longer Stream HBO Max Data-Cap Free

March 20, 2021

AT&T Customers Can No Longer Stream HBO Max Data-Cap Free

AT&T Customers will no longer be able to stream HBO Max without counting towards their data limit, the company has announced.

California’s new net neutrality law will ban companies from paying for “sponsored data” such as streaming platforms for their customers.

This includes AT&T’s extremely popular Streaming App, HBO Max.

Before the law takes effect, users could stream as many titles and shows on their HBO Max account without having to worry about exceeding their data limit.

However, with California introducing this new law, all HBO Max users with AT&T plans can expect that to change.

AT&T is not pleased with this new law and informed customers via blog post on their Offical Website.

We regret the inconvenience to customers caused by California’s new “net neutrality” law.  Given that the Internet does not recognize state borders, the new law not only ends our ability to offer California customers such free data services but also similarly impacts our customers in states beyond California.

Many saw the ability to stream HBO Max with their AT&T account data free as a great selling point for this service.

However, proponents of net neutrality view this as a big win for consumers everywhere.

Many feel that the passing of this law gives viewers more freedom to choose their streaming platform.

With this new law, consumers do not have to worry about companies trying to influence just exactly what they stream.

Customers will have the freedom to choose between various applications and APK’s without being tied to one service.

What Do You Think?

Net Neutrality is a hot topic amongst cord-cutters and streamers everywhere.

We want to know what you think about the new net neutrality bill passed in California.

Is this the future of streaming or does something need to change?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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